Scout Troops

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Scout Troop lessons are 2 hours long and require a minimum of 10 participants. If you have a small group, tag-alongs are encouraged!

Scouting Pro Tip: Suggest each scout bring a friend to incorporate community outreach!

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Girl Scouts


Earth Clay - $12 / person

Handbuilding Techniques

Scouts build skill in manipulating clay, learn history and vocabulary, and create clay sculptures of their own design. 

Meets requirements of Potter Badge

*The clay used is an Air Dry earth clay, and does not require firing. 

*To include Firing & Glazing, a second 1 hour session is required, priced at $5 / person   

Drawing & Painting - $10 / person

Mixed Media

Scouts experiment with different drawing and painting materials such as pencils, pastels, markers and watercolor. Participants will learn about shading and perspective and use what they learn to create a Masterpiece!

Women Artists - $10 / person

Learn about Women in Art History

Scouts will explore the works of famous female Artists such as Georgia O'Keefe, Louise Nevelson, and many more.

Creative Play & Puppet Making - 10$ / person

Finger, Sock, Hand, Stick & Marionette

Scouts discuss what makes a good story, learn vocabulary, create various types of puppets and test them out with dramatic play!

Tie Dye - $10 / person

Great for t-shirts & travel pillowcases!

Scouts create their own t-shirt designs, learn about tie dye methods and symmetry.

Handsewing - $10 / person

Fun with Fiber

Scouts have a hand at sewing, embroidery & weaving!

Jewelry-Making - $15 / person

necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins, keychains & charms

Scouts practice beading, learn about pattern, use tools, and gain skills in creating different pieces of jewelry.

Collage & Scrapbooking - $15 / person

Cut & Glue

Scouts explore different collage methods, experiment with 2D & 3D found materials, then discuss and practice composition in creating their own collage art pieces.


Boy Scouts

To fulfill all requirements for the Art Merit Badge 2 sessions are required (2 hours each, with 30 minutes allowed for meeting and a snack) 

20$ / person (4 hours total) 


Art Merit Badge Requirements

Discuss the following terms and elements of art: line, value, shape, form, space, color, and texture. Show examples of each element.


  1. What art is and what some of the different forms of art are

  2. The importance of art to humankind

  3. What art means to you and how art can make you feel

Discuss the six principles of design: rhythm, balance, proportion, variety, emphasis, and unity.

Render a subject of your choice in FOUR of these ways:

  1. Pen and ink,

  2. Watercolors,

  3. Pencil,

  4. Pastels,

  5. Oil paints,

  6. Tempera,

  7. Acrylics,

  8. Charcoal

  9. Computer drawing or painting

Do ONE of the following: With your parent’s permission, visit a museum, art exhibit, art gallery, artists’ co-op, or artist’s workshop. Find out about the art displayed or created there. Discuss what you learn with your counselor.

  1. Design something useful. Make a sketch or model of your design. With  approval, create a promotional piece for the item using a picture or pictures.

  2. Tell a story with a picture or pictures or using a 3-D rendering.

  3. Design a logo. Share your design with your counselor and explain the significance of your logo. Then, with your parent’s permission and your counselor’s approval, put your logo on Scout equipment, furniture, ceramics, or fabric.

Find out about three career opportunities in art. Pick one and find out the education, training, and experience required for this profession. Discuss this with your counselor, and explain why this profession might interest you.


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