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The New Normal

Art Club: Service

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To prevent the spread of germs in the studio we are taking these steps: 

  • Drop Offs and Pick Ups should take place outside as much as possible. Drop-offs are only permitted for ages 5+ (except with special permission, and during Open Art / Open Play times.)

  • We kindly ask that ALL children & parents practice PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!  If you do not feel well, stay home! We will gladly offer you a credit for any missed studio time. 

  • Regular hand-washing between every activity! Two hand-washing stations are available to students and parents at all times. 

  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces & materials. Currently, no added steps beyond routine cleaning are needed. (Messy is our thing, and so is Cleaning Up!) 

  • Children (at all times) have access to tissues, no-touch trashcans, hand-washing & sanitizing stations and disinfecting wipes.

  • Regular Outdoor Breaks & Activities (Recess!)

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