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Running out of ideas for a party? How about two helpers, our space, our mess and children take their projects home the same day? Schedule a party at Artworks and choose twelve projects from our project book and/or suggest a theme and we will help you with the project ideas. Parties are two hours and include guidance and supplies. We can also do parties at your location!

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Art Classes and Camps

Art classes and camps are based on children’s literature, famous artists, techniques, vocabulary building, sharing and learning to think differently.…

Open Art (General Admission)

Bring a friend to Artworks. With 12 or more different art stations, vibrant music and plenty of soap and smocks, it's the perfect answer to the inevitable question, "What are we going to do today?" Pack a snack and a drink!

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Let us host your next group activity at Artworks! We can help you plan Adult Art Parties, Scout Events, and Field Trips.

Art Night Out (aka Parents’ Night Out)

Some Fridays and/or Saturdays  6-10 pm $20.00 Art Night Out, drop off the children and go out to dinner, go…