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Studio Days 

Academic Art Enrichment 

for At-Home Learners 

Studio Days at Artworks offer a break from Home Routines and allow children the opportunities of a SMALL Classroom Environment:


  • High-Engagement Learning 

  • Unique Learning Experiences

  • Student-Centered Curriculum Design 

Limited to 6 Children

per Instructor

A Typical Studio Day Includes:

- Time to complete assigned schoolwork / virtual school (send your child with their remote learning device!)

- Opportunities for Art Enrichment Lessons (art projects integrated with math, science, history & literature)

- Opportunities for Private Tutoring & Self-Directed Learning (projects based on your child's interest or educational need)

-Breaks for snacks, lunch, fresh air, brain breaks, & reading time.

*Our schedule is flexible to allow students to work at their own pace and receive individual or small group instruction each day. Students will be given the time and space they need to explore their subjects of study, develop time management skills, and become independent learners!


Safety Measures:

-Temperature Checks at the Door

-Drop-offs and Pick-ups should take place outside or in the front of the studio as much as possible.

-Hand-washing mandatory upon entry, and at least every hour / between every activity

-3 Hand-washing stations available to children at all times!

-Children will be provided with their own workspace and materials.

-Workspaces & surfaces will be regularly cleaned throughout the day.

-Opportunities for fresh-air breaks

-All staff, parents and children older than 10yrs will be required to wear a mask in the studio.

2021 Offerings


$30 / Day | $150 / Week Monday-Friday  


$90 / Week -  $350 / Month

Tuesday | Thursday

$60 / Week - $240 / Month

7:30am -3:30pm

Extended Care: Until 5pm

Additional $20 / Day

Ages 5-12 

Full / Half Day Options

Don't see an option that works for your schedule?

Tell us how we can Help!

Nacogdoches Rd. - 210.826.2787


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