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Art Club Tickets

A great option for caregivers and children that can not attend classes every week. Art Club tickets allow you to pop in and out of classes, whenever is convenient for you and your child.

We know about busy schedules!

Purchase Art Club tickets for use at participating locations towards any & all Artworks events and activities. 

Art Night Out - Open Art - Classes - Camps

Package Options

"Young At Art" Package (12 tickets, $10 value) - $100.00 

-Best for Storybook Art Classes (ages 2-4)  

"Home is where the Art Is" Package (12 tickets, $15 value) - $150.00

-Best for Home School Art Classes

"The Artist" Package (11 tickets, $20 value) - $200.00

Benefits of Art Club

  • Art Club tickets are great to share with friends and family! Bring a friend to an Artworks class or function to claim a 50% off coupon for Art Night Out or a FREE Open Art Pass! 

  • Need to miss a day of class? Not to worry, our tickets have no expiration date! Bring them in ANYTIME for ANY Event! 

  • When you sign up, we add you to our email list so you can receive our monthly e-newsletter containing special offers and announcements! 

  • Parent Pro Tip: Art Club Tickets are a great way to teach your child about responsibility, resource, and social interaction! Encourage them to be responsible for their own tickets and turn them in to the instructor at the beginning of each class!  

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