an art studio for children
Right Now

Open Art (General Admission)

$10.00 per child ages 2-7
Second Child $5.00

Bring a friend to Artworks. With 12 or more different art stations, vibrant music and plenty of soap and smocks, it’s the perfect answer to the inevitable question, “What are we going to do today?” Pack a snack and a drink!

Please call us if you are bringing a group so we can have the appropriate staff and supplies. Thank you.

Nacogdoches Rd. Location
Tuesdays   4:00-7:00
Fridays   9:30-12:30

Leon Springs Northwest Location
Mondays  10:00-Noon
Wednesdays  5:30-7:00

Open Art-General Admission

Artworks, an art studio for children–seeks to develop and strengthen creative skills, build self-esteem, build social skills, develop a sense of self, encourage expression and stimulate the imagination.